News  •  23 January 2023

Campus Redevelopment

2022 was once again a year of uncertainty with Covid-19 still at the forefront of the headlines. One thing that the pandemic has taught us here at the Helensville District Health Trust, is that the buildings that we own for the provision of health services are at capacity and are in need of some serious capital expenditure. The old obstetrics hospital, which is home to Te Whatu Ora, The Helensville Birthing Centre and LabTests, was originally opened in 1953. The building has gone through many iterations of layout over the years which has made some of the infrastructure within quite complicated not to mention outdated. The building is also classified as Earth-Quake Prone.

Alison McKenzie house, which sits on the corner of Porter Crescent and Commercial Road was evacuated in 2016 due to significant degradation of the foundations of the building. This building being built circa 1945 also faces further challenges regarding seismic performance and as such is also classified as Earth-Quake Prone.

Over the last couple of years, the Trust Board have been looking in to what options are available for the ageing buildings and the best outcome for the community.

2023 will be the year that decisions will be made. The full feasibility of retention and renovation of existing buildings against full and total demolition followed by rebuild will be investigated. This is a large undertaking which requires the engagement of specialist consultants to provide sound advice. We want to make sure that not only do we want to take in to consideration the voice of our community but we also need to ensure that the outcome is in the best interests for the wider community.

The campus, which runs from 51 commercial Road through to 65 Commercial Road and incorporates 1 Porter Crescent is also covered by an Auckland Council Unitary Plan Character Overlay. This adds another level of consideration, as depending on the determined course of action, this could add significant costs to any development undertaken on site.

As the project progresses there will be additional updates given, so stay tuned!

Campus Redevelopment