News  •  28 February 2023

Kai Grow Vegetable Gardens

The partnership between the Helensville District Health Trust (HDHT) and South Kaipara Good Food (SKGF) continues to grow as the newly commissioned produce gardens at 1 porter Crescent are in full flourish.

The HDHT have designated an area at the health campus in central Helensville for the use of vegetable gardens for SKGF. The relationship between HDHT and SKGF has been a long standing one as HDHT had previously provided operational space at Te Whare Oranga O Parakai to the then Kai Collective back in 2020, so that they had a premises to be able to compile and provide much needed food assist packs during the initial Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the need has not subsided and is being felt even more through the cost of living crisis. SKGF now operate out of their own hub on Awaroa Road and are supporting the community through a number of initiatives; Kai Grow, Kai Learn, Kai Assist and Kai Rescue.

Jo Ogilvie of SKGF- Kai Grow is responsible for the jam packed 140m2 of garden beds which is home to a vast selection of vegetables: -

·      Capsicum

·      Egg Plant

·      Beans

·      Peas

·      Tomatoes

·      Courgettes

·      Cucumbers

·      Potatoes

·      Broccoli

·      Spinach

·      Silverbeet

Jo and her volunteers regularly work at the gardens carrying out weeding, planting and harvesting of the produce.

James Scott, GM HDHT said “It really is so good to see the gardens coming to life and I am surprised at how much produce has been able to be planted in the garden beds. it is such a great initiative and I hope that we (HDHT) can provide the ability to expand the gardens further on other areas of the campus in the near future.”

The ethos behind the gardens is that local community members, who can assist looking after the gardens, learn as they go and can benefit from some of the produce once it is ready for harvest. The remainder of the produce is then destined for the food packs that are provided through the Kai Assist program which is also run by SKGF. If you are interested in assisting at the gardens, please contact Jo Ogilvie: - 0210 710 246

Kai Grow Vegetable Gardens