We host a range of health related services

The Helensville District Health Trusts’ campus includes the purpose-built medical facilities of the Kaipara Medical Centre. It also provides accommodation for the Helensville Birthing Centre, Awanui Labs, Harbour Sport - Active for life, Te Ha Tama Ariki -Women's drop in clinic, Te Hā Oranga, Parent Aid Northwest, The Community Telehealth Pod and Te Whatu Ora -Waitematā.

Helensville Birthing Centre

We are a community facility offering birthing and postnatal care, situated in the heart of the rural community of Helensville.

Helensville Birthing Centre is available for families who choose to give birth in a low-tech environment and want the opportunity to rest and establish breastfeeding in the immediate post-natal period.

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Kaipara Medical Centre

Innovative and forward-thinking, the Kaipara Medical Centre is owned by ProCare.

The Practice team includes five permanent GPs and a fabulous team of nurses along with dedicated administration staff all working together to ensure the service to patients is delivered as promptly and professionally and possible.

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Awanui Labs

Awanui Labs (the new name for Labtests) has been providing pathology services to the Auckland community since August 2009. We are always aiming to achieve service excellence.

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Te Hā Oranga

Te Hā Oranga have significant experience working with Māori whānau and we know how to improve their wellbeing through the provision of structured, whānau ora oriented care that encompasses the logic of Te Pae Mahutonga.

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Te Whatu Ora - Waitematā

Te Whatu Ora provides Mental Health Services as well as District Health Services.

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Parent Aid Northwest

Parent Aid North West is a free at-home service for parents – we give parents a hand when they have their hands full. We work with first time mums while they establish breast-feeding, look after their newborn and recover from childbirth. We can also provide help for parents who have a young, growing family of little ones where life can get extremely busy.

We’re here if a parent suffers an accident or finds themselves in a situation where they need support, or for parents with twins or triplets (or more) who need many hands from time to time.

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Community Telehealth Pod

Patients who wish to use this service can simply make a reservation for the Helensville pod when they book an appointment with their doctor, or as an outpatient. They can request this type of booking through the scheduling team with the relevant hospital. For more information, enquire with your specialist whether this service is available with them.

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Te Hā Tama Ariki

The clinic offers a range of maternity and postpartum services, including women’s health screening, pre-pregnancy advice, prescriptions, and support. Free pregnancy testing, pregnancy and breastfeeding care, advice, support, and referrals.

Located at 1 Porter Crescent, the clinic is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 09:00 to 15:00 and is a free service.

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Harbour Sport - Active for life

The Active for Life programme is a free 3-month health and wellness programme delivered by Harbour Sport. It aims to increase physical activity and improve the nutrition of adults aged 18 years and over. Healthy Lifestyle Advisors provide individuals with support and motivation to become independently active with the ultimate goal to improve health. 

This initiative is run from 1 Porter Crescent on the first Thursday of each month.

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South Kaipara Good Food - Community Gardens

Located at 1 Porter Crescent is one of South Kaipara Good Food's community gardens. The gardens, which are operated under the Kai Grow initiative, are just over 140m2 in size and are utilised all year round with seasonal vegetables.

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Helensville & Kumeū Midwives

A number of Midwives work in the Helensville and Northwest Auckland area and are available to be your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) throughout your pregnancy, birth and the few weeks after baby's arrival.

LMCs are fully funded by the government, so there is no fee for using them.

Midwives are able to help you deliver wherever you choose, be that a home-delivery, at the Helensville Birthing Centre, or at hospital.

The LMC Clinic operates from 1 Porter Crescent.

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